Garth Snow With The Ballsiest Pick Condition In Hockey


Lets Talk Conditional Picks.

In this case, let’s talk about one specific conditional pick, and that’s the 7th rounder that got the team Tyler Kennedy.

The 7th round pick in 2015 becomes a 6th rounder if the Islanders win the Stanley Cup with Kennedy playing in at least half of the Finals.

Uhhh, does someone have a Cup on their mind? Or does someone have a Cup on their mind?

You don’t just slap that type of condition on to a 7th/6th round pick unless you’re focusing on a cup and nothing else. Garth Snow Clearly knows what he has in front of him, and swung his stick today by making that a condition on a deadline day trade pick.

Many can see the condition and quickly breeze over it, thinking it is just logistics thrown on to sweeten up a deal. Turn that incredible seventh round pick into a trusty six! Is the difference between the last round of the draft, and the second to last pick that important though? The Islanders GM just put the entire league on notice, the Islanders window is open and they are after a cup now.