The Buffalo Bandits of the NLL have their own JT on the roster. 

John Tavares, the NLL's career leader in Points, Goals, and Assists, just so happens to be our John Tavares' uncle. Having both made names for themselves in their respective sport, the Tavares have commonly been able to cross promote each other's careers, sports, and teams. 

Today the official twitter account of the Bandits announced an online auction they will be conducting throughout the month of August, with the proceeds going towards the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, as well as their Jr. Bandits Youth Lacrosse Program.

One of the items up for sale? This aweseme, custom made John Tavares Bandits/Islanders jersey.

Signed by both Johnny Hockey and his uncle, a legend in the indoor lacrosse scene; this jersey is being auctioned for a great cause, and is an awesome piece of Bandits/Islanders memorabilia, so what's not to like?

If I wasn't a broke college student I wouldn't even be blogging this as I'd be the first one trying to scoop in on this jersey, but here I am, sitting in my parents house, with loans out the ying-yang. 

So here yah go Islanders fans, have at it.

More info on the auction of this jersey and other Bandits memorabilia can be found here.

PS - My first reaction to seeing this tweet: