Earlier today, I posted the video of newly acquired Islanders Nikolai Kulemin and Mikhail Grabovski's Ice Bucket Challenge, and since, it seems that the Islanders PR has decided to take the new social media fad and run with it.

With special thanks to Sam Ganger for nominating our man JT, and the Islanders seemingly forcing Grabs to do a second challenge for their cameras in Uniondale, we were given the treat of both fan favorites taking part in the trend.

John Tavares' ALS challenge:


Love the fact he puts the guns to work and does it himself. Kulemin took the easy way out and had a third party dump the bucket, but not Johnny Hockey. Man takes matters into his own hands on the ice, and with the ice. I give it a 7.3.

Plus, who else but the captain himself to make the GENIUS decision of nominating Capuano, think of that hair after being doused by ice cold water. Can't un-think that now.

Michael Grabner's ALS challenge:


If you follow Grabs' Facebook page, you already know that the guy was nice enough to already do this once on his own, but to do it twice puts it on a whole other level.

Once again, props for doing it all himself, Grabs living the 'suns out, guns out' motto to a T. I give it an 8.1.

His nominations and the reasons behind him were pure gold, by the way, and adding in Islanders PR man Kimber was almost as good as JT nominating Cappy. Certainly looking forward to them all. 

Might I add, right after he dumps the water, I'm preeetty sure he came close to dropping an ice-cold F-bomb, but we'll leave that up to debate.

Already nominated, but yet to film it are Matty Marts and Casey Cizikas, so keep your eyes on IslesBlog for the update.