A lot has been made regarding the fifth overall pick the Islanders own this year and what they should do with it. Should they trade it or keep it? General Manager Garth Snow has gone on record stating that he's open to trading the pick, especially if it nets someone who can help the team immediately. Across the Island and the world, Islander fans all have their own opinions on what the team should do with the pick, and who they should end up taking if they hold onto the pick. Here we have what the staff at Isles Blog would do with the pick, if they could be GM for a day.

Connor Moire- I would trade the pick, along with Donovan and a bottom-6 forward (McDonald/Nelson/Sundstrom), for a defenseman with at least 8 years in the league, who can put in a productive 17-19 minutes a night and help our youngsters develop. Who that player is remains to be seen, and they definitely don't grow on trees.

Anthony Tartamella- There's a few players I would consider taking, outside of the obvious Ekblad and Reinhart. I personally have my eye on Leon Draisaitl, the big German winger who could come into the NHL his first year. If he goes third like he's projected to do, I would try and trade the pick for an established winger or defenseman, perhaps Evander Kane, James Neal or Patrick Sharp and package that with perhaps a player like Bailey or a mid level prospect. 

Doug Detwiler- would put it in some sort of a package deal. One in which we would offer the pick, a few prospects, in return for a defenseman that could bring some offense to the table. That's why I think Niskanen would be a sweet deal. He could bring some offense and help the back end.

Jacob Seus- I would trade it and put it in a package with prospects for a top winger. The hole that was left by Vanek and Moulson leaving needs to be filled by someone who we know can play. A draft pick could take years to develop and the Islanders can't wait for that to happen.

Jake Baskin- I would keep the pick and draft Michael del Colle. He's a nice prospect and could be a very important part of the teams success, whether the elect to keep him or trade him to someone down the road for something of value.

Don Kennedy- Trade the pick to the highest bidder. Hopefully Garth can get a D man or an NHL-ready prospect. But we shall see, the NHL Draft is always full of surprises.

Aaron Cheris- Enough of this talk about the future, it's time the Islanders do something in the present. I think the Islanders are going to trade for a number two center behind JT or a top six defenseman. If Garth Snow can't get the return he wants, then Michael del Colle looks to be the top player available at five.


Despite all this, Snow could go a completely different route and decide to do something that no one is thinking of. Whether he keeps or trades the pick, here's hoping the Islanders can land someone who can come in and help them next season, their final at Nassau Coliseum. Until then, let the speculation run wild!