Please! Stop the fight! Call it a day! Throw in the towel!

Ho-Sang shut down the BioSteel Camp on the first day with this incredible shootout goal. Nothing like a good hurricane to get the juices flowing.

Those judges would've be crazy not to give him 10s across the board. If I were there, I would have ripped the 10 card in half and taped the 1 to it and given the kid an 11, absolute fire out of #66.

As always, we supply the GIF as well. So feel free to tweet this out to the rest of the NHL community, because this move certainly deserves it.

Enigmatic or not, JHS can play on my team any day.



And for the people who still think because Ho-Sang is an outspoken player that he is immature and not worthy of a successful career; kid works harder than anyone, literally.

Here is a tweet from Biosteel's official account, whom documented Day 1 of camp via twitter: