In a year in which he set new personal records in Goals, Assists, and Points, Kyle Okposo has etched himself up there as one of the leagues most productive young forwards. And after a enthusiastic push to make Team USA [falling short for reasons beyond me] and leading the Islanders in point production, as well as shot percentage, Okposo has proven he can produce when his team needs him most.

As a 26-year old in the middle of his prime, playing for a small market team, you would think Okposo would be another overpaid forward, such as Nikolai Kulemin, and Mikhail Grabovski, both of whom combined had 55 points last year, 14 shy of Okposo's 69. Grabo and Kulemin, combined, will be costing the Islanders $9.2Mil a year.

Okposo, in his 4th year of a 5 year deal worth $14Mil, will be costing the Islanders just $2.8Mil a year, which is by all means, a steal in my book.

At under $3Mil a year, Okposo is not only one of the best pointgetters on the team, but possibly one of the most undervalued players in the whole league, as his 27 goals and 42 assists last year was good enough to place him 22nd in the league in points with 69. A dead tie with the likes of Patrick Kane, David Krejci and Blake Wheeler.

Name Age AAV CF% FF% PDO '13-14 Points
Okposo 26 $2.8M 50.0% 48.9% +4 69
Kane 25 $6.3M* 55.1% 55.1% +.01 69
Krejci 28 $5.2M 51.8% 51.8% +2.8 69
Wheeler 27 $5.8M 49.9% 50.3% +1.7 69

*Kane signed an 8-year extension with an AAV of $10.5M that kicks in next year.

I am no advocate of advanced stats when they're not needed, and I am sure not many understand what all these mean. So, in English [and singling out Blake Wheeler], what these numbers are showing you is that the Islanders are getting just as many shots on net while KO is on the ice as the Jets are with Wheeler on the ice, and for $3 million dollars less.

The PDO is showing that Islanders are scoring more than the opposing team when he is on the ice, and trumps all three alike, for an average of $2.96M less. 

Though Okie doesn't not surpass his counterparts in the majority of their respective possession stats, the 26-year old career Islander certainly can hang with them.

Coming at a cap hit that is less than half the cost of 2 of the 3 players used for comparison, Okposo is certainly making the case that he is more bang for the buck.

Certainly, any fan who said they wouldn't take Patrick Kane on their team is flat-out lying, but if we're being economical, I'll take KO over Kane any day. As the lower cap hit can lead to your team being financially able to dish out $10 million dollars to players like Nikolai Kulemin and Mikhail Grabovski!