Darryl Belfrey is the founder of Belfrey Hockey and is charge of training some of the league's most talented during the offseason.

With a clientele list including names like Patrick Kane, Jeff Skinner, John Tavares, Sidney Crosby and Kyle Okposo, Belfrey obviously knows what he is doing, as well as knowing his clients very well, both on and off the ice.

Yesterday, Beflrey was a guest on TSN's Macko and Cauz Podcast, where he spoke on his training process, what to expect from Sidney Crosby and David Clarkson, and touched upon how good he thinks John Tavares and Kyle Okposo are. 

Belfrey's words on Tavares and Okposo:

I think this is the best John Tavares that I've ever seen... he is in incredible physical condition, the time in which he had off he used really intelligently. I would be surprised if you didn't see him amongst the world's best at the top of the scoring charts… This is the best Kyle Okposo that I've seen [as well], there were times where I thought that combo was as good as any, if not the best in the league last year and I see them doing nothing but taking another big step forward [this coming season]

Belfrey speaking on how well Tavares' physical condition currently is sure is a good sign coming off his seemingly serious knee injury last season. All signs showed that JT's recovery went as well as could be, with him not even having to wear a knee brace during his time recuperating, but to hear it from someone who see's Johnny Hockey's game day in and day out is certainly a good thing.

Then, for Belfrey to go on about how well Okposo has improved is a GREAT sign. He was asked about Tavares, and felt the need to chime in on Okie's game as well, yet another good sign.

I get that these players are his clients, so he has to give them the sense that their work with him are coming to fruition, but the man's words seem very genuine in this interview, and all he spoke off don't seem too farfetched when you read the signs. Like I always say, only time will tell when it comes to this team.

You can listen to the rest of Belfrey's interview here, you'll have to skip to the 8 minute mark to hear his words on the Islanders top duo.