With the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge reaching the deepest corners of social media, even current Islanders have been nominated to participate and donate to the great cause, .

None have done so better than recently acquired Forwards Nikolai Kulemin and Mikhail Grabovksi. 

During their years in Toronto, Kulemin and Grabovski became great friends and were recently reunited when they both signed multi-year contracts with the Islanders this summer. Grabovski, known for his eccentric and joker-type personality, makes a splash in this video that was uploaded to Kulemin's Instagram Account over the weekend.


For starters, it took me maybe 7 attempts to fully grasp what Grabo said at the end. Playfully nominating Dave Nonnis and Randy Carlyle, GM and Head Coach of the Leafs.

Grabovski left Toronto on bad terms, as he was bought out by the team, even calling his former boss and "idiot" after his departure. While Kulemin nominated former linemate Clark Macarthur, who is now playing in Ottawa.

Secondly, love the idea of donning the Isles jerseys for the video, both showing that they are willing to play up to their new fanbase. They both easily could have let the guns out and do it shirtless, or even in a nice tanktop, but the mindfulness of rocking the Islanders logos while Kulemin's kid has the camera rolling is worth a few brownie points in my book. The helmet was a nice touch as well, mind you.

All in all, I was happy to see the twocome to the Island, both signing with the team on the same day, but after this stunt, I love the two.

Martin/Zeeker, McDonald/Tavares, and now Kules/Grabo... the lovable Islanders duos just keep piling up.

To learn more about ALS and ways to support the cause, head to http://www.alsa.org/