Looks Like I Found My Favorite Rags Fan

Well, it took 23 years, but I finally have met my match. The ultimate Ranger fan. Doesn't know any of those buster's names from the past. The Kasparaitis', the Ashams, and certainly not the Valiquettes. Just knows the same three names as everyone else in Manhattan. Gretzky, Leetch, and Lundqvist, and every answer to a legitimate question is a gamble of which he should provide this time. That long pause? That was this guys brain racing to come up with one of the three names that plays in net. And sadly, he picked wrong....

Thinking Out Loud: Boychuk’s Comments On His Shiny New Contract

Following yesterday's big news, Isles TV, and less importantly Greg Picker, caught up with Johnny Boychuk to hear his thoughts on the new deal worth $42Mil over the next 7 years. A few comments made by the Isles newest defenseman stuck out to me, firstly; "Just being how good we are. We're hard working, we're fast, and we're gunna be a good team for a long time. It's gunna be the best chance to win a Stanley Cup." Simple and clear, it was the deciding factor in his decision; the Islanders are a young, well put together...

Michael Neuvirth, And His Pit Stop In New York

In the midst of an exciting season, with a busy trade deadline, and something people like to call a playoff berth; in between the talks of when Kyle Okposo will return, or Whether JT will win the Hart, the Art Ross, or both, I see very little comments on what I believe to be a glaring hole within the organization. Uhh, the Isles kind of need a back-up goaltender. With a contract set to end this coming Summer, Michal Neuvirth finds himself in a situation similar to that of Thomas Vanek...

Deadline Day MaAaAaAdness!

Okay, today was intense. First we were like, "WE WANT A TRADE!" and then we were like, "Okay I guess they really aren't trading." and THEN we were like "ohmuhgud dey making all teh tradez!" Bye, I'm Chad Johnson On the larger side of today's activities, we saw Chad Johnson be dealt to Buffalo along with a 3rd round pick(2016), bringing back Michal Neuvirth in return; as Garth Snow makes his 2nd attempt on solidifying Halak's backup role. A lot of what is being said about Neuvirth was said about Johnson when he first signed on the Island so,...

Garth Snow With The Ballsiest Pick Condition In Hockey

Lets Talk Conditional Picks. In this case, let's talk about one specific conditional pick, and that's the 7th rounder that got the team Tyler Kennedy. The 7th round pick in 2015 becomes a 6th rounder if the Islanders win the Stanley Cup with Kennedy playing in at least half of the Finals. Uhhh, does someone have a Cup on their mind? Or does someone have a Cup on their mind? You don't just slap that type of condition on to a 7th/6th round pick unless you're focusing on a cup...

FYI, Those Brooklyn Hockey Logos Have Nothing To Do With The Islanders

Earlier in the week @NetsDaily reported that the Barclays Center had applied to trademark two separate “Brooklyn Hockey” logos. The article got its views, the tweets got their retweets, and Isles fans took to the web to voice their displeasure with a move that seemed to be giving fans a look at things to come in Brooklyn Only one problem… The two logos donning the phrase “Brooklyn Hockey” have nothing to do with the Islanders, or the NHL for that matter. In fact, they are both in affiliation with the, of...

These Islanders Are Built For The Long Haul

A lot of things have been said about Garth Snow; some good, most bad. And after a few hickups and a couple of years in the pits of the NHL, Garth Snow has risen, along with him his Islanders club, like a Phoenix from the ashes. The product that now stands in front of us is a powerful one; with solid goaltending, multiple players with a knack for the back of the net, young yet up and coming defense, the c-word and at the very top of the list of positive adjectives that describe these...

Sound Tigers Line Brawls Are The Bestest

(Courtesy of YouTube user Kyle Mace) Been a busy weekend so I'm a little late to the jump, but MAN do I love a good AHL line brawl. Half the guys out there are either youngsters trying to crack an NHL club, or grizzled, 34 year-old AHL career men who have resorted to face punching as a way to stay in the sport. No question Gallant was involved; it seems like any fight the Sound Tigers find themselves in Gallant is right in the middle. Stick tap to Mayfield for showing...

Thinking Out Loud: Calder’s, Contracts, and Call Ups

Hell of a week if I do say so myself. Peaks and valleys, as we saw the team fall flat late against the Rags, but to then bounce back and stomp out both the league's worst, and the league's best. Tavares is back in the points race, as his 60 points on the year has him just 3 behind the league's leader Patrick Kane, Halak has tied yet another franchise record by picking up his 32nd win(tied for 2nd in the league with Carey Price, nbd), and Leddy is coming off one of the best offensive...
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