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Brasqo: It Will All Be Worth It In The End

Isles Captain celebrates with the boys

The crisp gold and red hue of the surrounding tree foliage.  That distinct smell the air takes on, with the coming cold-front arriving.  It’s hockey season, baby, and it couldn’t come at a better time.  With a new hockey season comes new hope. A new hope that the boys will ...

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Friedman: Islanders have cleared enough space to build their rocket ship. They must not fail to launch.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Lou Lamoriello and the Islanders have had an eventful summer so far. While I don’t know what the Isles’ employee vacation day policy is, Lamoriello is unlikely to use any of his between now and the start of next season, judging by ...

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FRIEDMAN: The “Just Happy to Be Here” Era is Over. I Want It.

Deflating. Gut-wrenching. Tragic. Demoralizing. Heartbreaking. There are a plethora of adjectives that could be used to appropriately describe the Islanders’ Game 7 loss to Tampa Bay. It was a difficult end to what was, in many respects, a storybook season. For all my gripes about the regular season format, the ...

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A Matter of Perspective: On Game 7 and Taking in the View

The Islanders are one win away from the Stanley Cup Final. Eleven words I never, ever thought I’d write, type, or express in any form whatsoever. It’s exhilarating, perplexing, and, above all, nerve-wracking. For those of us who did not experience the dynastic era, this is the closest we’ve ever ...

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Ryder: Despite Inept Stretch, Islanders Have the Tools to Finish Strong

Finishing up the regular season strong is an important part of a successful campaign. As evidenced over the last few weeks, the New York Islanders haven’t been riding on the plane you’d hope they would be on down the stretch. If the Islanders were a small watercraft, they’d currently be ...

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Friedman: Regardless of Future Performance, Isles’ Season a Smashing Success

I’ve said this many times already, but will say it again: I really don’t care how the Islanders fare in the standings this year. Not because winning games isn’t important. Not because playing meaningful hockey throughout the season isn’t important. Not because gaining playoff experience isn’t important. All of those ...

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The Lamoriello Method of the ’94-’95 Devils is the Islanders’ look of today

At any given moment on #isles Twitter there are a decent amount of fans hashing and rehashing every move that has been made by President and GM, Lou Lamoriello. I don’t blame fans for obsessing over what’s been done so far. It is undoubtedly a side effect of watching 10 ...

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IslesBlog Round Table: 2021 Season Q&A

With the NHL season just a week away, Islanders hockey continues to inch closer and closer. The bar has been raised from last season after the Isles got within two games of the Stanley Cup Finals. So now it’s time to find out if this team is ready to take ...

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