Remember That One Time: The Penguins Brawl

Four years ago today... Prison riots like these are why we still remember names like Haley, Gillies (the other one), Konopka, and Hillen. We saw a young Hammer and Martin throwin' boes, Bailey getting in on the action in a rare occurrence, and 346 penalty minutes get handed out collectively, as February 11th became a date that will forever live in infamy among Islander fans. When the dust settled, the Islanders finished the game with 9 skaters left, the Pens with 10. The on ice festivities was a carryover from the previous week's meeting between...

Strome Drops The Gloves With Krug and OMG S’cute

(Courtesy of NHL.com) Ryan Strome, the Kenny Wu to Martin and Clut's Bash Bro's. They grow up so, so fast. First everyone is arguing whether or not he you're ready for the NHL, now you're putting up numbers and dropping gloves with guys named Torey. This, my friends, is called "life."...

Kyle Okposo Leads The League In The Only Stat That Matters

(Courtesy of Sportsnet.ca) OH SNAP! Video starts off slow, but Okposo steals the show in the final 3 seconds. Took Wheeler a good minute to name three.. with help.. and then Okie knocks all four out in a matter of seconds? Ruthless trivia skills, just ruthless. They say that the players in the NHL belong to a brotherhood, and nothing is more satisfying than dunking on your brothers in a game of Trivial Pursuit, and that's not an opinion, that's a fact. Take your money PK, take your freakishly good looks Karlsson, Okie...
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Thinking Out Loud: EyeGate, Josh Bailey’s Role, Anders Lee Is Quite Deece

Busy week in the world that is Islander fandom. Okposo's eye has been the talk of the town, the Isles just suffered their first 3 game losing streak of the year, and people are starting to edge closer to the window, all while the team is still in 1st place.... EyeGate For starters, I put on my little blogger’s cap and did my homework, and after a quick trip to WebMD, I can confirm that this doesn’t mean at any point KO’s eye was indeed hanging out of the socket....
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