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Deadline Day MaAaAaAdness!

Okay, today was intense.

First we were like,


and then we were like,

“Okay I guess they really aren’t trading.”

and THEN we were like

“ohmuhgud dey making all teh tradez!”

Bye, I’m Chad Johnson

On the larger side of today’s activities, we saw Chad Johnson be dealt to Buffalo along with a 3rd round pick(2016), bringing back Michal Neuvirth in return; as Garth Snow makes his 2nd attempt on solidifying Halak’s backup role.

A lot of what is being said about Neuvirth was said about Johnson when he first signed on the Island so, as like any other trade, you have to let time pass before properly judging; in fact that is pretty much Rule #1.

Neuvy’s numbers are good, his a .918 Save% is complimented by the fact he’s averaging 38.5 shots against a start behind the tanking Sabres, who are a perfect match for Johnson, who seemed to get a head start on his own personal tank.

This is a trade that, on paper, seems to be an improvement for the Islanders with the homestretch of March and April in front of them. A goalie with good numbers behind a bad team, for a goalie with bad numbers behind a good team. I’ll take it.

Oh THAT’S Tyler Kennedy

In a lesser covered yet just as proper move, Snow helped bolster his bottom-6 by picking up Tyler Johnson from San Jose for 7th round pick, with quite possibly the bossest condition a pick can come with.

Tyler Kennedy spent the last two years in San Jose after a six year stint in Pittsburgh, where he racked up 22 points in 33 games against the Isles. So it’s just like grandpa used to say, “If you can’t beat em, let them join your hockey team in exchange for a theoretical piece of property.”

The 28 year old has 9 points in 25 games this season and adds short term depth to the team’s Forwards, as both Okposo and Cizikas are expected to begin skating this week with no set return date.

These Aren’t The Players You Wanted, But You Still Got Who You Wanted, Trust

I know, I know. You wanted a big name. Yandle, maybe Kessel, even Hall if we tweet enough, someone that you could go on to use as response everyone up and down the East bragging about their team’s new toys. Meanwhile we’ve spent the last 63 games showing off our new toys from October, as everyone else plays catch up. The Islanders didn’t get a big name, but they got the right names. Efficiently and quietly, Snow removed one of the team’s blemishes in Chad Johnson, and replaced it with a bright and shiny Michael Neuvirth; while also buying big and paying little for Tyler Kennedy.

With injuries plaguing this team for the better part of the 2nd half of the season, adding Kennedy, who has been playing 2nd Line minutes in San Jose, into the bottom-6 sures up a lot of minutes with a player with a handful of playoff experience.

Cost efficient and quiet, just how Garth likes em.

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