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FYI, Those Brooklyn Hockey Logos Have Nothing To Do With The Islanders

Earlier in the week @NetsDaily reported that the Barclays Center had applied to trademark two separate “Brooklyn Hockey” logos.

The article got its views, the tweets got their retweets, and Isles fans took to the web to voice their displeasure with a move that seemed to be giving fans a look at things to come in Brooklyn

Only one problem…

The two logos donning the phrase “Brooklyn Hockey” have nothing to do with the Islanders, or the NHL for that matter.

In fact, they are both in affiliation with the, of all people, NCAA according to Barclays’ PR.

“We have a platform at Barclays Center for each of our non-core tenant businesses, including Brooklyn Hoops for college basketball, Brooklyn Boxing for boxing, Brooklyn Show for concerts, and Brooklyn Family for family entertainment. Brooklyn Hockey is our latest platform, which includes NCAA college hockey that will be staged at the venue. This is not an Islanders logo and has no connection to the Islanders. As promised, we are keeping the current Islanders logo and color scheme, while adding a black-and-white third jersey.”                                                                                                                               – Barry Baum, chief communications officer for Barclays Center

The ol’ switcheroo!

One moment your tweeting how Barclays should burn, and Garth should use the insurance money to move back to Nassau, the next second you’re “ohhh, okay, alright then”-ing, and moving onto the next outrage topic… classic!

The initial reaction to the news is understandable, and though a color-change is not a part of the near-future I see for this team, in this day and age of #brands and #markets anything is possible if money is to be made; but at the end of the day gotta remember to trust the right #sources.

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