I Can’t Even Anymore


I don’t even know what to say any more about the Islanders.  My original plan was to write about possible general managers for the Isles next season but what’s the point.  Most people feel like Garth Snow will be back and this team will continue to be business as usual.  This team has not been good in 2018.  A second season in a row without a playoff appearance would be inexcusable in 30 other NHL cities.  With the latest losing streak, I find myself at a loss for words with this team.  In the past I would be optimistic about this team’s chances going forward, this season the offense has shown they have the ability to be amongst the league’s elite.  I’m tired of looking for good signs, building blocks, and moral victories.  On the other side of the coin, the defensive play has been so embarrassingly bad.  It is impossible to get excited about a team that can’t keep the puck out of its own net.  Sometimes I feel after almost 30 years rooting for this team the emotions of hope and anger have been sucked out of me.  This organization is what it is, if nothing is ever going to change around here why should I get so worked up.

I’m a fan of this team, nothing more, nothing less.  One part of my fandom is writing for this site.  I truly enjoy this format.  I can have an idea and run with it.  Generally, I enjoy trying to write something different or at least writing about the same thing differently.  I don’t always want everyone to agree but if I could make you think about this team in a different way then it’s a success.  The problem has become the Islanders are stuck in a news loop.  The fanbase is either talking about firing Garth Snow, where John Tavares is playing next year, who likes Josh Bailey, and the Arena stuff.  Honestly my favorite thing about this year is we no longer complain about second line scoring (A seven-year storyline).  This organization is worse then bad, they are indifferent.  They are stuck in a rut, not bad enough to make needed changes, not good enough to excel.  Again, I would love to break down what general manager would make the best hire but if feels like Snow is here for the long haul.  Three weeks ago, I tried to do what I could to present his entire tenure in the fairest way possible.  I wanted you to make the decision on your own whether you would consider him successful at his job.  Even before typing the first word, I knew that there was no where near the evidence to change anyone’s mind (not even my own).  I just felt like I wanted to examine the last 12 years, look at his success and strengths (yes, there are some), and his failures.  I have no personal feeling towards Snow, in fact I have never met him.  I just don’t understand how he is considered successful at his position.  I still don’t expect things to change though. I don’t understand why things can’t change this offseason.

I wish I was able to come up with a more thought-provoking article today.  That is why I enjoy writing.  I want to explore different ideas in regards to the Islanders and the game of hockey as a whole.  Instead I just put on paper how I feel about this team (and I think many others feel this way also).  This team is just not that interesting right now, they won’t play a meaningful game the rest of the season.  The Tavares angle has been explored to death (only he knows what he wants to do, and has earned the right to do that), I don’t want to have a twitter fight about the Josh Bailey contract (it was a fair deal, nothing more nothing less, don’t @me), and the arena will be built in Elmont but we know nothing else.  I wish I had the optimism that a should come with a team having a 20-year-old superstar.  Actually, I wish I had the anger that comes with years of mismanagement and failed expectations.  Instead, I find myself feeling apathetic to this whole disaster.

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