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IslesBlog Podcast: Kevin Clancy of Barstool Sports

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In the latest edition of the IslesBlog Podcast, Joe Buono chats with admitted Islanders bandwagon fan Kevin Clancy of Barstool Sports New York.

KFC explains the series of events that took him from hockey fan free agent to leader of the Isles bandwagon and his growing appreciation for the game of hockey. Later, KFC describes the good and bad reception he’s received from #IslesTwitter, his relationship with Islanders players, the success of Barstool Islanders merchandise and how he’s caught himself checking Isles scores while out at dinner this season.

Plus, KFC offers his thoughts on the Islanders move to Brooklyn, what an Isles-Rangers playoffs series would mean for Barstool Sports and how he’s learned how smug and awful Rangers fans are.

Be sure to check out the amazing deal Barstool Sports has available to see another team that wears the orange and blue.


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