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IslesBlog Roundtable- Sign ’em, trade ’em, or let ’em walk: Anthony Beauvillier

Anthony Beauvillier has been in a mix of mock trade scenarios, including one from The Athletic’s, Arthur Staple. Beauvillier is going into his age-24 season and has already had some pretty big moments for the New York Islanders. So, the team at Islesblog is back again for another edition of sign ’em, trade ’em, or let ’em walk.

Sal Farieri- Sign ’em: Beauvillier is a core player for the Islanders and should be a mainstay for years to come. In a full 82-game season, Beau has proven he can notch 20+ goals. The winger is as streaky as they come, however.  When he scores, it comes in bunches and he has the usual dry spells over the course of a season. He has good speed, skates hard, and has a knack for scoring big goals, especially in the postseason. I believe the 24-year old is ready to take it to the next level and eclipse the 40-point mark when the NHL returns to an 82-game season slate. I could see Beauvillier sign for four years in the range of $3.5-$4.2 million AAV range.

Bri RepettoSign ’em: I think overall, Beauvillier stacks well next to Nelson and Bailey. Without him, there’s a huge hole to fill in that line. That being said, he has had some inconsistencies in his game that would propel the Islanders to another level. He’s one of those players that need to perform every night for the Isles, finding the scoresheet on a more consistent basis. It’s normal for him to be inconsistent in the regular season, but usually, he finds consistency in the postseason. However, in the 2021 NHL Playoffs, he looked more like his regular-season self. Regardless, you sign a young player with potential like Beauvillier. With some adjustments to his play, I would expect a stronger playoff run for him next year.

Daniel FriedmanSign ’em: Beauvillier needs to work on his consistency in the regular season, but there’s no denying his ability and his playoff production. He’s earned a bridge deal, nothing more. Time to see if he really does have another gear or two. I’m willing to bet he does.

Ryan DunniganSign ’em: The Isles should keep Beauvillier. He’s a very solid young player who fits the Barry Trotz system well. He can be a bit streaky on the offensive side, but in the Islanders’ current situation it would be very difficult to see a young talented offensive player go, especially since he shouldn’t break the bank too much to keep. He also finished 6th in points and 4th in goals on the team so it would be difficult to replace that given the current cap constraints.

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Brooks SimpsonSign ’em: Although he’s streaky, he remains a speedy and aggressive offensive force who is maturing into a quality forward. With the Islanders emerging from cap hell at a hefty price, the team needs to develop talent on the roster while they fish for finishing pieces in the free-agent pool.

Ben MandellSign ’em: This is an easy decision, SIGN HIM!! Beau has proven himself to be a core member of the team. He can score big goals in huge spots and he is able to push the pace of play with his speed. He isn’t the kind of player that is easily replaced and with all of this cap space general manager, Lou Lamoriello, cleared up, there isn’t an excuse to not bring Beauvillier back.

Carter BentivengaSign ’em: In the grand scheme of things, this should’ve been pretty obvious. Beauvillier is one of the best young pieces the Isles have to offer, as well as a member of the dynamic “Killer B’s” line with Brock Nelson and Josh Bailey. The nice thing about Beauvillier is that he’s a restricted free agent, meaning if the Islanders were to *hypothetically* lose him to the free agency market, they’d get some sort of compensation for him (although barely any offer sheets are thrown around these days, so I wouldn’t worry about that). Beauvillier has proven himself to be a solid regular season player, consistently finishing as one of the top 10 scorers on the team since his rookie campaign of 2016-17. “Tito”, as they call him, has also proven to be a player that rises to the occasion in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, scoring several big goals over the past three postseasons (including what many are calling the last goal ever scored at the Coliseum, with an OT winner in Game 6 vs the Lightning). As for a contract prediction, I could see Beau inking a three or four-year deal, worth anywhere from $3-3.75 million annually.

David Tuchman– Sign ’em: Beauvillier is an obvious sign. His energy and enthusiasm are infectious. His speed can’t be taught. Despite his size, Beauvillier is an excellent forechecker and often wins 1 on 1 battles in the corners against much bigger competition. What he brings to the table isn’t readily available. Lock him up and make him an Islander for a while.

James NicholsSign ’em: Going into his age-24 season, Beauvillier is part of the Islanders’ young core that has their window to win open a little longer than some might expect. He’s soon to be in the prime of his career and has a knack for cashing in when the Islanders need him in a big moment. Young, skilled top-six wingers like Beauvillier don’t grow on trees, and he’s Mathew Barzal’s best friend. Make sure he sticks around.

Consensus: It’s a unanimous sign’em across the board. Beauvillier is an asset to the Islanders, but it’s up to Lamoriello for how long. We’ll see what his next contract looks like soon enough.

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