It’s Time to Unlock Pulock

The Islander power play is 0 for the season.  They have had 18 opportunities up one or more men and have yet to find the back of the net. Actually, as a team they are minus 2 while on the power play, meaning they have given up more goals then they have scored on the man advantage.  While this is a small sample size which can turn around at a moment’s notice, that moment has not arrived.  I think it’s safe to say now is the time to make a change.  It is time to add Ryan Pulock to the lineup.  Yes he is an unproven player but that is what this team is built on right now.  This team will only go as far as Ho Sang, Barzal, and Beauvillier take them, so going to Pulock is not a stretch.  It feels like a waste to not have him in the lineup.

There is no such thing as a quick fix but it is time to give Pulock the opportunity to prove he can help this team.  There is nobody on this team and very few players in the league that have the shot he has.  It is a true plus plus shot.  It will change the dynamics of the power play and force teams to know where he is on the ice for the power play.  Even if he is not scoring goals he will help open up space and create rebounds with his shot.  This is what is truly missing from the power play.

There are some defensive liabilities that may come from adding Pulock to the lineup.  He will be required to make up about 15-18 minutes when the Isles scratch either Pelech or Mayfield.  This is the time to figure out how he helps this team long term.  If he is not good enough defensively to crack the top 6 it would have to be time to move on.  He is in the final year of his entry level deal and is no longer waivers exempt.  If the Islanders are expecting Ryan Pulock to be a long-term solution on the blue line he needs to be playing games in October and November in order to be dependable in March and April.  If he can’t be trusted on the ice for those 15 minutes a night defensively its time to either figure out he you think he can play a wing or move him out for something that may help this team going forward.

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