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Looks Like I Found My Favorite Rags Fan

Well, it took 23 years, but I finally have met my match. The ultimate Ranger fan.

Doesn’t know any of those buster’s names from the past. The Kasparaitis’, the Ashams, and certainly not the Valiquettes. Just knows the same three names as everyone else in Manhattan. Gretzky, Leetch, and Lundqvist, and every answer to a legitimate question is a gamble of which he should provide this time. That long pause? That was this guys brain racing to come up with one of the three names that plays in net. And sadly, he picked wrong. That’scalled life folks.

Next time I get caught up on an Isles question I’m just going to answer with “Uhhh, POTVIN!” and see where it gets me. Internet fame here I come!



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