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Mandell: IslesBlogs thoughts on the Bridgeport rebrand

Last week the Bridgeport Sound Tigers announced a series of changes, looking to connect the team with its NHL affiliate, the New York Islanders. The Islanders AHL affiliate was renamed the Bridgeport Islanders and the Sound Tigers logo was replaced with a new logo.

“We wanted to create a stronger connection between the New York Islanders and their AHL affiliate up here,” Sound Tigers president of business operations, Brent Rossi, said in a press conference following the announcement of the rebrand. “The timing was really perfect. It aligned with our 20th anniversary as a club. Most importantly, it aligned with UBS Arena opening in the fall.”

I got the chance to speak with Ethan Greene, B.A. in design, about the team’s new logo and his thoughts from a designer’s perspective.

“The new logo presents a more harmonious color pallet compared to the previous logo. Giving a more unified identity alongside the associated teams,” said Greene. “The new logo also occupies its space more effectively. Being a self-contained image makes the logo less busy while conveying a high level of legibility. Finally, the new logo has a hidden Easter egg. Notice the tape on the stick depicts the letters “NY”, a nod to their NHL affiliate.”

Staff Opinions

James Nichols 

“Although I understand what the organization was trying to do, which seems to me like they’re sort of recreating the Islanders logo at a minor league level, this was a fail. It’s disappointing to look at how Vegas’ affiliate, the Henderson Silver Knights, knocked their minor league affiliate out of the park, and Bridgeport thought this was on the same level.”

David Tuchman

 “I LOVE it! I think the more pride the organization takes in the name from bottom to top, the better.”

Ryan Dunnigan

“I love the name change and the rebranding as a whole. The logo, however, I don’t love. It’s too plain and boring when you can really do so much with a minor league logo to make it more fun and exciting.”

Tim Ryder

“It’s a very sharp logo, but Conn. isn’t an island, is it? I kid. The Sound Tigers was a great name in my opinion. Rebranding is fine, but this is very vanilla.”

Bri Repetto

“I don’t think there was a need to change the logo or name of the team. Growing up I went to a lot of those games and the Sound Tigers were iconic for their logo and added an edge to their team image. I feel like the new one doesn’t compare as much. That being said, it does connect the AHL team to the Islanders more through the use of the shared name.”

Matt Watling

“Personally, I don’t hate the logo as much as others but the team name doesn’t make much sense to me. Bridgeport clearly isn’t an island and I like the uniqueness of the name “Sound Tigers.” Ultimately I think my best case scenario would’ve been the Long Island Sound Tigers, that would be so cool.”

Ben Mandell 

“I think that it was important for Bridgeport to establish a better connection with the Islanders. It feels like it is something more teams are doing and it is great for the Islanders identity. I also like the logo. I get that it seems simple, but the design is fresh and the small details that reference the NHL team are embedded nicely into the logo.”

So what do you think of the rebrand of the new Bridgeport Islanders? Tweet us your thoughts and opinion @Islesblog!

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