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Remember That One Time: The Penguins Brawl

Four years ago today…

Prison riots like these are why we still remember names like Haley, Gillies (the other one), Konopka, and Hillen.

We saw a young Hammer and Martin throwin’ boes, Bailey getting in on the action in a rare occurrence, and 346 penalty minutes get handed out collectively, as February 11th became a date that will forever live in infamy among Islander fans. When the dust settled, the Islanders finished the game with 9 skaters left, the Pens with 10.

The on ice festivities was a carryover from the previous week’s meeting between to two teams in Pittsburgh, where DP was sent to IR by Pens goalie Brent Johnson.


Tavares’ comments about the game? “Hell of a game.” And a hell of a game it was.

May we always remember the men who punch faces in retaliation of other men punching faces.

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