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Sccccoooorrrreeee!!! Isles on NBCSN Five Times This Season


Fired, Forced, Feathered, Floated, Flexed, Waffle-Boarded, Steamed, Guided, Turned Aside, Hoisted, Rattled  …. Get ready for some Doc Emrick BINGO!

On Monday, the Islanders announced that the team will appear five times on NBCSN during the 2015-16 season, just one year removed from having exactly the same amount of games aired as the Hartford Whalers and Atalanta Thrashers. (The Islanders did get two games added later during the course of the regular season)

Four of the five games will be at Barclays Center including a “Wednesday Night Rivalry” match up against the Rangers in Brooklyn on December 2nd for all those that can’t afford the $275 tickets in the upper bowl.

National Games on NBCSN:
Wed 11/25 vs PHI
Wed 12/2   vs NYR
Thurs 2/4   @ WSH
Tues 3/8    vs PIT
Mon 3/21   vs PHI

This is nothing against Dave Strader or the versatile Kenny Albert, but relevance isn’t having games aired on NBCSN, it is having Doc Emrick call your team’s hockey game. If I don’t get 2.5 hours of demonstrative verbs and adjectives along with an update on the KHL and stories about opponents playing on each other’s juniors team, I will be very displeased. Plus, I need Pierre McGuire between the glass to tell me what Cal Clutterbuck is saying to agitate the opposing bench.

In comparison, the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks appear 21 times this season, the Comcast/NBC owned Philadelphia Flyers and non Comcast owned Pittsburgh Penguins appear 18 times. The Rangers are on 13 times and the NJ Devils appear just once.

Hopefully in the coming years, getting nationally televised games will no longer be news, but until then let’s ook forward to Mike Milbury taking unnecessary shots against the Isles in the pre-game.
Source: nyislesblog.com

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