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So You Think You’re A Die-Hard? Fans show off their “Isles Ink”

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So you think you’re a die hard? Yes, we all bleed orange & blue in our own way.  Sure, you don’t need a tattoo to illustrate your love for the Islanders, but it doesn’t hurt (ok, maybe it does).

IslesBlog asked fans to send us their Islanders tattoos and you delivered.

Here are just a sample of the #IslesInk fans have branded themselves with throughout the years.


I just got it on Thursday. I liked the Brooklyn logo because it was subtle, but the black white is boring so I had him (tattoo artist) do it in traditional colors – @Shizmeister3276


I decided a couple of years ago that I was gonna get an Isles tattoo because it’s such a major part of my life for as long as I can remember I’ve been a fan I remember going to games with my Dad buying family fun packs and now as an adult going myself finally having money to do season tickets this year.

It took me a little to decide on the design I didn’t wanna just do the logo or something cheesy so I spent some time debating that. But than I saw the hat in the last year at the Coliseum that had the logo in the island and though that was perfect. I’ve lived my entire life on long Island it’s my home and it’ll always be the home of the islanders to so what better than to have both – @BJG1994


I got the tattoo about five years ago in 2011. It was my first tattoo and the artist actually recommended putting it on my shoulder because I’d eventually like to expand off of it.

I feel the lighthouse is a great representation of the Isles organization and Long Island as a whole. I had brought in a picture of the Islanders lighthouse shoulder patch that they had on their jerseys back in the late 90’s.

My Rangers fan friends like to give me grief once in a while for it. But, I think it’s just because they are just envious of my passion and loyalty to my team. I have never regretted getting it and I hope to expand and add to it, once the Isles win the Stanley Cup again! –@DanBur7


I got this in 1994 when they changed logos. I decided to get this when the Isles went away from this logo. I loved the spot on the leg. Received tons of criticism over the years but it’s my favorite thing ever! LGI – @abreecker


When I started my sleeve I wanted it to be things that have always been apart of my life. Each gear in my sleeve represents something that I’m passionate about. I also added section 321 which was my home away from home for years. I made lifelong friends there that I still stay in touch with forever. I have zero regrets and can’t wait to get back in the chair to finish it.@Hodge214


Been a die-hard Isles fan my whole life and have wanted to get an Isles tattoo for a long time but just couldn’t decide exactly what I wanted to do in terms of the art/graphic.

Finally decided on this and had an artist draw it up. Zero regrets, and I know I’ll be an Isles fan for life so I don’t anticipate any regrets going forward! LGI! – @crosscheck7927


I got this tattoo after July 2014. I’d always wanted an islanders tattoo and at the time my cousin was just starting her tattoo career. My original plan was to get an islanders lighthouse but she was a new tattoo artist and I didn’t wanna get anything from her to crazy. So I settled on the lip tattoo.

A lot of people ask if it hurt but it was over pretty quickly so it wasn’t horrible. Being mines in my lip people can’t see it unless I show them so I can’t say I’ve ever received any criticism for it. It is handy for when I’m arguing with anyone I know who’s Rangers fan. I fill down my lip and say something along the lines of ” see this… it means your not welcome here” – @GQuinn


I got this Islanders tattoo is because I live, breath and sleep Islanders hockey. The Islanders is the one thing I LOVE to talk about with fellow fans or fans around the NHL.

As a kid in elementary school we wuld take trips to their practice or to games and that’s when it all started. The islanders brings joy to my life and without them I don’t know wat team i wuld cheer for. I got this tattoo at Kings Avenue in Massapequa and this was my first tattoo ever and I wanted something that represents wat I love and die for, so I thought a lot bout this and I wanted a islanders tattoo with a skin tear, so that when people see this tattoo they know I went through battle with the Islanders and it lives in my heart. – @MichaelValdini

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