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Sound Tigers Line Brawls Are The Bestest

(Courtesy of YouTube user Kyle Mace)

Been a busy weekend so I’m a little late to the jump, but MAN do I love a good AHL line brawl. Half the guys out there are either youngsters trying to crack an NHL club, or grizzled, 34 year-old AHL career men who have resorted to face punching as a way to stay in the sport.

No question Gallant was involved; it seems like any fight the Sound Tigers find themselves in Gallant is right in the middle.

Stick tap to Mayfield for showing his angry side, and MAJOR props to Poulin for letting someone other than his wife touch that beautiful mug of his. Kind of disappointed in the fact he fell quicker than DP did against Brent Johnson but hey, can’t be an AHL phenom/Mediocre NHL goalie and a good boxer, life just doesn’t work that way.

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