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The 5 Hole: Bitten Late

After picking up there first win of the season Sunday night, the Islanders returned to action earlier this evening against the defending Western Conference Champion San Jose Sharks. This contest was a good early season test for the Isles as well as the second of a five game home stand that ends next Wednesday. The team wanted to keep there strong play from the last two games going, and it wasn’t meant to be as they fell 3-2 on a goal late in the third period. With a record of 1-3-0, the team needs to find answers and they have till Friday to find them. Social media recap can below:

Always a lovely rendition of the anthem by @amandakaletzky #isles

— Andy Graziano (@AndyGraz_SNY) October 18, 2016

I still don’t know what’s more unbelievable… The fact that I’m single or the fact that Bailey has 4 OT winners #Isles — Jon Mass (@Jon_Mass) October 18, 2016

Michael Haley! Will never forget “Fight Night” against the Penguins. #Isles

— Ben (@IslesFan_Ben) October 18, 2016

Only guy that struggled harder than the #isles defense pair on that goal was Butchie trying to pronounce Tommy Wingels. — Kevin Cosgrove (@kcos194) October 18, 2016

I love the “Follow your Dreams” pep talk by @91Butch #Isles #Sharks

— Shannon Hogan (@Shannon_Hogan) October 18, 2016

Classic Isles penalty! #Isles — Did Bailey Pass? (@DidBaileyPass) October 18, 2016

So #isles decided to take this period off…

— RobF (@bobbybows) October 18, 2016

#isles trying to get the puck out of their zone is a shit show at best — Dan Petriw (@DanDanNoodles78) October 18, 2016

14/15 successful PKs so far #isles pic.twitter.com/nPfGL84xOg

— ⭐️ Stefanie ⭐️ (@stefeeneys) October 18, 2016

#isles offense being run by Chan Gailey — JFK (@JKLUBER) October 18, 2016

One team played last night, the other did not. The team that didn’t looks flat. #Isles

— Eyes on Isles (@eyesonislesFS) October 18, 2016

#Isles refuse to shoot the puck” -Something I have said the first 24 years of my life and something I will say until forever. — Joe Pantorno (@JoePantorno) October 18, 2016

A total of 4 shots that period #Isles pic.twitter.com/EJaATTDtRV

— Social Assassin (@socialasassin87) October 18, 2016

So apparently too many men only is called against the #isles, and it was obvious too. — RealSturat (@RealSturat) October 19, 2016

#isles tomorrow’s practice……passing

— Mike kirby (@mkirby75) October 19, 2016

1st @nhl goal #priceless #isles @titobeauvi21 pic.twitter.com/F6qnDl8F6x — YeSUV (@IslesWhiteSUV) October 19, 2016

Beau can hang

— connor (@ConIsles) October 19, 2016

C’est beau!! #Isles ? — Brittany (@applesiderr) October 19, 2016

Look what happens when you work hard #isles pic.twitter.com/xB0Ygb97EG

— Dan Petriw (@DanDanNoodles78) October 19, 2016

BEAU CHICKA WOW WOW! — Stephen (@Stephenweisman) October 19, 2016

Spin that stick kid, congrats @titobeauvi2!!!

— IslesBlog (@IslesBlog) October 19, 2016

Trio of #isles first round picks played in part on the first goal: Beauvillier (2015), Bailey (2008), Tavares (2009) — Islanders Insight (@IslesInsight) October 19, 2016

ANDERS LEE! 2-1 #Isles pic.twitter.com/sDreqP8PkF

— Eyes on Isles (@eyesonislesFS) October 19, 2016

Leeeeee! Anders Lee scores! The energy has shifted in the game. #Isles up 2-1 #Sharks — Shannon Hogan (@Shannon_Hogan) October 19, 2016

GOAL! LEE! #ISLES lead 2-1! pic.twitter.com/1IJR2MMaZe

— Islanders Insight (@IslesInsight) October 19, 2016

The Captain congratulating the kid #isles pic.twitter.com/i0vqmBJC5j — YeSUV (@IslesWhiteSUV) October 19, 2016

Anders Leeeeeee. Love the way he, my client Brock, and Chimera are playing together. #Isles

— Glenn Giangrande (@GlennGiangrande) October 19, 2016

Clutterbuck. Postal. #Isles are flying. — Joe Pantorno (@JoePantorno) October 19, 2016

We doing these yet? #Isles pic.twitter.com/1IwxVFJ3t7

— Reagan King (@ReaganKingIsles) October 19, 2016

How many of these bad angle, bounce off a leg goals are the hockey gods going to dish out to us this year? #isles — Spencer (@Spence0913) October 19, 2016

Why is it always a flukey goal #isles

— Lindsey Spag (@Lindseyspag) October 19, 2016

Did Boychuk like forget how to do things? #Isles — chris howard (@Chrishowrad) October 19, 2016

Important 10 minutes of hockey coming! #Isles have to make the #Sharks work after playing last night. #Get2Points

— Empire Writes Back (@EmpireWritesBck) October 19, 2016

Beauvillier doing donuts. I taught him that #isles pic.twitter.com/AAUNA2fdpp — YeSUV (@IslesWhiteSUV) October 19, 2016

Fourth line doesn’t miss Matt Martin. Have we mentioned that already? #isles

— Islanders Insight (@IslesInsight) October 19, 2016

Kulemin might be better off carrying a pool cue in the O zone. #Isles #Islanders #IslesTwitter #NoTouch — jay dugan (@jaydugan) October 19, 2016

Knew it. Late period goals are back. #Isles

— Bryan (@RealBryGuy) October 19, 2016

Had a feeling that silly icing might cost them.. #isles — Sean Cuthbert (@seanyhockey) October 19, 2016

Reliance on the 4th line cost us tonight. When the 4th line gets 2nd line minutes you can’t expect us to score a lot. #isles

— Jeremy weinstein (@upperdeckie) October 19, 2016

Regardless of previous 59 minutes , if #Isles don’t score here they deserved to lose. #IslesTwitter — jay dugan (@jaydugan) October 19, 2016

Need some stats reminders from #Isles beat folks, but they have to lead the NHL over the past two seasons in goals allowed in last 2-3 min.

— Brian Schiazza (@brianschiazza) October 19, 2016


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