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The 5 Hole: Bring 4th The Best

After a successful road trip in the Sunshine State, the Islanders were back in Brooklyn monday night for a date with the Colorado Avalanche. Tonight, started what’s likely the biggest week of the season so far. A convincing 5-3 win sets the stage for a nationally televised showdown Wednesday night with the Rangers. Below are the best hits from social media, enjoy.

I feel like there’s at least one of these tweets every game.

This is pure gold. But in reality, you could make up a story of any Islanders power play.

Okposo at the buzzer? GOOD!

Remember when this team couldn’t win face-offs?

He did score against the Avs last year to, coincidence? I think not.


This is too typical, yet too hilarious.

Watch your language!

The tip, the stache, the goal. CLUTTERBUCKED!

Shannnon’s rhyme game on point. Love the line.

Bardown! Thin Mints! Snipe! Zeeker! Oh yeah, FOURTH LINE!

E=MC2, and Sydney we approve with your reaction. Yes! Yes! Yes!

This is just awesome.

If your not fired up enough yet, here’s a reminder.



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