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The 5 Hole: Can’t CAPitalize When Needed

The Islanders have been playing good hockey as of late, and except for their no show effort in Carolina, the team has put itself in a good spot. But as always the team that they can’t seem to find a way against is the Washington Capitals who was their opponent tonight. Once again, the Isles fell to the Caps, this time in overtime 3-2. The Isles picked up their ninth point in the past sixth game. They will get the chance to get this defeat out of their system tomorrow night when they head the Jersey for a date with the Devils. Below is the top social media bites from another heart breaker in Brooklyn.

I knew I wasn’t only the one who was feeling it.

And me and thousands of other Isles fans wish he did.

Off-season planning already in effect.

Sit down!

Bucci-mane, the mind reader.

What an awesome image.

Never thought anything different.

More like common courtesy.

I approve.

No one would be angry if you did.

Only daunting? How about death defying?

Proud moment for the parents. Lol.


Wouldn’t have been anything we haven’t heard before.

Pay attention Stripes!


Scream it from the rooftops.

Do it to it Garth…

I’ll have what she’s having.

The missing link all night long.

Not sure I agree, but whatever you say.


You just figured that out?

Need I say more?

The most unsettling positive from the night.



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