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The 5 Hole: Dusted in the Desert

Tonight wasn’t exactly how the Islanders were looking to respond after Thursday’s heartbreaking loss in Denver. They lost their third game in a row and were shutout 1-0 by the Arizona Coyotes. Goaltender Jaro Halak was once again rock solid, but missed opportunities doomed the Isles from the start of the game. The team is back home Monday night for their second and final meeting of the season with the Ducks. Here’s the top social media bites from last night’s defeat.

We’ve become so accustomed to how many awesome words Butchie makes on the fly.

This is sad because in reality, this was the closest they got to the net all night.

You know would anyone really lose it if this actually happened? I know I wouldn’t.

I wouldn’t say amazing, more like incredibly wrong…

This was one positive in what was a lost effort. Extremely amusing.

Now that’s dedication. Quick, someone get this man on a plane.

Bold explanation for tonight’s terrible performance.

This is the definition of torture, especially on a Saturday night nonetheless.

Houston, I think we have a problem here?

Tweet is so Islanders it’s not even fair.

Another incentive thrown to the wayside.

Outstanding. I have no words..

You mean last Sunday?

Great marketing scheme could come out of this.

That’s being too kind if you ask me if that was Isles fans reaction after tonight.

Wait just this weekend? How about the entire season?

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