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The 5 Hole: Going Wild in Minny

After a huge win in New Jersey Friday and four day break, the Isles took the ice tonight in the State of Hockey for a showdown with the sizzling Minnesota Wild. The two teams met within the last month with the Islanders coming out on top 5-3 in Brooklyn. Well if the Islanders were ready to hit the road for their season-defining trip, they sure showed it with the effort earlier this evening earning a 4-1 win. Another victory gave the Isles their second straight, and seven points in the last four contests. The road trip continues Thursday in Calgary. Until then, take a look at the best hits via social media from the win by the boys.

I was never good at equations, but this one I’ll always be able to get.

They’re a fourth line? (Cough) I meant to say first.

They don’t call it the dirty area for nothing.

Mr. Windsor born Ontario guy.

You don’t say….

Sign me up for that.

With an extra sprinkle of awesomeness.

No caption for this, and none would fit the bill.

Not the only one, raises his hand simultaneously.



Wipes tears from eyes.

What Daniel said.

Makes sick pass: Check. Lead to a goal: Check.

Tweet of the night. Nothing will come close to it.

For once this guy makes sense.

IT’S TRUE! HE’S SO DANISH!!!!!!!!!!!


Breathtaking. A true work of art.

You’re completely right Jim.

More like a magician I would say.

Look at that flex.

Anyone remember the last one?

Great picture.

Same expression I had till Minny scored.

I’m with you Mike.

Forgot he even existed.

Only at one end of the ice most of the time will that happen.

We’re gonna be positive! Positive, positive, positive.

If you know this teams’ past, you know exactly what this guy means.

Wise words.

Gulps loudly.

Say what now?

Loved to see his reaction if he did.

The Captain doing Captain things.


Clever play on words here.

Progress is the key to success. Zing.

What a phony!

Those hashtags are priceless.

Another one (DJ Khaled voice)

And your gonna here me roar, oar, oar, oar!!!

You must have become a fan of this team just recently.

Second side of Danish please?

And that’s exactly what they are doing.

En fuego!

Show some love!



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