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The 5 Hole: LEAFing Points on the Table

After a six day break for the holidays, the Islanders returned to action earlier tonight in Brooklyn. They entertained the Toronto Maple Leafs for the first time this season. Tonight’s result wasn’t exactly how the Isles wanted to come out of the break. They put on an underwhelming, uninspired performance in a 3-1 defeat. This game was the first of a home and home between the two teams, so their’s no doubt the Isles will be looking for revenge when they head to Toronto Tuesday night. Losing to the Leafs also leaves the Islanders with a 1-8-2 record overall against the Atlantic Division so far this year. Oh-vey. Here’s the best takes from social media during tonight’s loss.

Hard to believe this was the case especially seeing what happen after the next 55 minutes.

Well at least their was one spotlight during the teams’ abysmal effort.

Welcome back Grabs. We didn’t miss you.

Boomchucked. That has a nice ring to it.

Well said Dina.

I would have liked if the word hits was changed to goals, but that was asking too much from this group tonight.

This is beyond hysterical. Definitely, the tweet of the night.

Too bad his presence couldn’t SPARK the team tonight? Get it?

All the missed plays and mistakes they were making, I don’t doubt it.


Here’s the problem, tonight they should have been playing up to it instead when they were getting manhandled all night.

Short, sweet and to the point.

I forgot he was still around.

He look like he died when he crashed into the boards.

In conclusion, this tweet sums up everything said in the last five hours.



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