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The 5 Hole: Not So Lucky in Music City

The Isles have been pretty lucky this week. Don’t believe me, just go back to the last two games. They got three out of four points they didn’t deserve any chance of getting. For the Islanders case, they hoped that some of that luck kept on transpiring tonight as they headed in to another tough game on the road against the Nashville Predators. That wasn’t the case as they fell to the Predators 4-2. They will look to rebound Saturday night in Dallas. Social media recap can be found here.

Almost as great as watching you drive.

It is a holiday? Isn’t it?

I think I’ve seen this one before.

Oh the memories.

Make up your mind with this one.


Nothing else needs to be said.


What an observation.

First of many..

Were not giving him back.


The best.

And many more to come.

Doing the exact same thing.


At least there’s this.

100% correct.


Point taken.


Better now.

Where is it? Lol.

Jesus Saves.

The world may never know.

Is their a third option?

No bueno.

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