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The 5 Hole: Ousted in Ottawa

For the first time this season, the Islanders made their way North of the Border. Ottawa was the destination. This game was the second of a back to back, in which the Isles won the first game last night in a shootout 2-1. The win gave them their fourth in a row, and tonight was a chance to make it a season high five wins in a row. They fell in overtime 3-2. A tough end to what was a great week it was for the Isles and their fans. Here’s the best hits from tonight’s … via social media.

Take em any way you can get em.


True. True. But, don’t Isles fans sometimes feel that way all the time?

You don’t see the word fortunate many times when it comes to this team.

Do you take this goal-tending tandem till death do you part?

Too much joyriding after the games, I’m guessing.

Swishing and dishing. Would have been better if Leddy buried it.

He will score this year? Won’t he? Please tell me he will.

Other than the turnovers, I can’t see where this is wrong.

Need a song like this.

I said: Hey Josh Bailey? I wanna know when you’ll score a goal. I said!

Happy Birthday Mom. Signed, Josh Bailey.

I was just thinking the same thing.



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