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The 5 Hole: Philadelphia Freedom

After a three day layoff, the Islanders headed down the turnpike for a night with the Philadelphia Flyers. These two teams met back on Thanksgiving eve with the Isles winning 3-1. Tonight was the first time the Islanders were back in the City of Brotherly Love since late last season where they suffered one of the most heartbreaking losses you’ll ever see. Well unlike that game, tonight’s result did go in the Isles favor by a score of 4-3 in a shootout. With the win, the Isles point streak extended to eight games. Below is the best takes from social media from tonight’s victory.

The Danish Forehand of Judgement.

I love this. You should as well.

Didn’t we see this in Anaheim? I thought so.

Rock voice: Finally! The Led has scored a goal this season!

We’ve waited 29 games for this!

Who wouldn’t do the same after reading that question?


Double Danish!

“Allow me to the pleasure of introducing you to: LASER!, BLAZER!, and my friend FRANS!

He likes to wait a little longer than usual based on past experiences.

This is starting to happen too often. WAKE UP!

From her lips to god’s ears. She was right.

Sure we can work with that.

Every Isles fans’ thought in a nutshell.

One word to describe this tweet: Exactly.


I can name a few more things that are missing tonight.

Problem is, he’s right.

Someone better be buying him dinner tonight.

Tweet of the night. And it’s not even close.

Silver lining indeed in what was a horrendous performance.

Just straight up filth.




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