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The 5 Hole: Point Taken

Sunday’s at Barclays Center have been a new experience for the Isles and their fans, and the game they saw yesterday was no different. Coming off one of their biggest wins of the season against the Rangers, the Islanders met the Vancouver Canucks in what turned out to be an offensive explosion by the home side. The team threw everything but the kitchen sink in a gut-wrenching 2-1 defeat in the shootout. While two points would have been the ultimate satisfaction for the effort, the Isles did get one point and made it five out of six points in one of the toughest three game stretches the team has had all season. Here’s the top hits from social media during yesterday’s game.

Oh Johnny, we feel your pain…

The 2013 playoffs? Last season? Anyone? Anyone?

I might be wrong, but when did that ever disappear?

Brock can do no wrong right now, enjoy it Isles fans..

Is it time to just play shorthanded the rest of the season?

Well you’ve done it, so…..

Must-see TV.

This calls for a riot, who’s with me? CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A shooting gallery….


At least something was working today…Wait..

100% true the entire contest…

The story of Islanders hockey take 45.


This was a free-for-all all game today. Jaro being Jaro.

The Isles wrote the book on this, it’s only been going on for three years now.


This is called hip-checking 101, class is in session.

Green dot, red dots galore.

Welcome to the STROME ZONE!



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