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The 5 Hole: Prevailing in the Peg

It’s been said many times before, but it needs to be said again, the Islanders own the Western Conference this year. On this season-defining trip the boys have gone 4-1-0 so far as they headed to Winnipeg to finish up the Canadian part of there trip before coming back for a huge game Sunday against the Rangers. Before tonight, the Islanders and Jets met early in October with the Isles prevailing 4-2. Boy that seems like ages ago, and now the Islanders are fighting tooth and nail to secure a playoff birth. And with every point having meaning, the team again battled to win 3-2 in overtime. They found another way to win making Sunday the biggest game of the season. Here’s the best hits from social media during tonight’s infuriating victory.

Take Cover!

Uncomplicated? I like that term.

The first part not the second.

Good eye.

That’s your future right there Isles fans.

Not a positive trend.

Lets leave it at that.


This is outstanding stuff.


To a degree

You’re fired!

Your so Greiss.


You’re damn right.

Spot on Mike.

I was there!

No kidding.

All about the royalty.

Quick someone alert the Board of Governors.

The GIF is priceless.

Happening a bit too often.

Your recap for the night.

Hey, you never know.

Gotta love the Carp Lad.


Still waiting.

We all do.

Welcome to the Isles kid.

Shake it.

Quite the sarcasm.

Shhh…Don’t tell anyone.

It’s getting to be a little too much.

Throws hands up in the air.




Just WOW!

It’s infuriating.

I will when I see it work.

Off Da Face!

Snatching it from the jaws of life!

You can’t make everyone happy.

Think about it Isles fans.



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