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The 5 Hole: Sad Sunday

The Isles were back in action Sunday night. Coming off a 3-2 shootout loss to the Devils just a day ago, they welcomed the Buffalo Sabres to Barclays Center. The Sabres defeated the Islanders 2-1. Here’s the best hits from social media from last night’s game.

Staple is our god. We live and die by his word. So for those who make the fake accounts, your pushing a fan base close to ledge. Stop already!

Carplad. Our other favorite punching bag. Calvin De Haan.

We didn’t forget about the officiating tonight, just atrocious.

If your a fan of this team, this is something that has been missing for years.

And this is why we will all start to hate this Sunday game nonsense.

BONUS: Yes the Mets were playing when the Islanders were home tonight. Both teams ended up losing, and Johnny B summed up how all of us Isles/Mets fans felt tonight.



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