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The 5 Hole: Seeing Too Much Red

The Islanders have been playing some good hockey as of late, and with one game left before the all star break, they needed to go in strong. After not getting to play Saturday night, tonight the Isles were faced with that task. Opposing them was another tough opponent in the Detroit Red Wings. These two teams always put on some entertaining games when they get together, and tonight was not any different. The Isles though were on the losing side of a 4-2 score. Going into the break with a loss especially with the momentum the team was building. Everyone enjoy the show known as the All Star game, but before then take a look at the best bites via social media from the contest earlier this evening.


Holds breath till passing out…


Someone get the shovels out again.

That’s when you know things are back to normal in Islanders Country.

In case you wanted to see it again, again, and again.


These are all gems….Respect.

Someone learned how to play hockey again. Uh oh.

One of the forgotten good guys from the early 2000’s.

Who doesn’t love pond hockey?

It’s a bold strategy Cotton, let see if it pays off for them.

I need to hear this with Paul Heyman speaking.

No question.

Telling it like it is.

Nailed it.

I wonder how many times I’ve heard that one.


You are not the only one by a far margin.

My exact reaction. Ah well.

Turn on the Jets!

It will be a long eight days. Indeed, it will.

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