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The 5 Hole: Shooting STARS

After a dreadful performance last night in The Steel City, the Islanders were back in action finishing up the second half of a back to back weekend. They welcomed the league leading Dallas Stars to Brooklyn for the first time earlier tonight. These two teams met twice last year both getting a victory a piece, combining for 17 goals in those two games. Tonight was no different, as they put up 11 goals in shootout affair with the Isles prevailing 6-5. The win gave the Islanders their 12th against the west this season, and third in their last four games. Beating the top team in the NHL should be a huge confidence booster with the Eastern Conference leading Washington Capitals making their way to Barclays Thursday night. Take a look at the best bites from social media during tonight’s win.

Very rare from this team all season. Maybe a changing of the guard.

Cue the golf applause.

Russians don’t play defense remember?

I’m surprised he didn’t throw his accent in there.

Every Isles fans reaction is this especially when Lee scores.

A sweet little backhand with extra sauce.

Should have been the first thing they did in training camp.

Daffy Duck voice over.

He dives, and he scores the goal! (Howie Rose baseball call)

Well they show up against every Western conference team, so this comes as no shock.

Leeber staring to BeLEEve in himself again.

So you help ze Islanders take ze lead?

After six years, you think this wouldn’t be a problem. But it still is.

New method of motivation? Oh wait that’s every hockey fans’ logic. Duh.

Swishing and dishing.

Lovely gesture.


Clutterbucking times 100.

It’s official, the Islanders have finally won that deal.

If it works, don’t fix it.

Must have been hard to come up with that one.

This tweet was for fans who haven’t watched this team the past five years.

If that’s how you think?

May the goals be with you.


Sure, lets go with that.

Well now…is this supposed to make things better?

Welcome to the big leagues kid.

Might be time for Casey to work on that in practice. Lol.



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