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The 5 Hole: Shot Out of a Cannon

It’s tough times in Islander Country, and the Isles keep taking bullet after bullet. Those bullets aren’t just being put through the roster, but also where the team sits in the Metro and Eastern Conference. With the Rangers coming into Brooklyn Thursday, the team needed to get their confidence back with a win. The Isles did accomplish that feat this evening when they defeated to the Blue Jackets 5-2. This is the part of the season where the Isles have to show their metal, starting such a huge week with a victory hopefully brings them a little bit of life. The top hits from social media can from tonight’s win can be found below.

Didn’t spend to much time stroming around.

It’s definitely felt longer than that.

Tip. Look. Score.

Couldn’t agree more myself.

Now what is that called? Oh yeah…A good start!

A picture worth a thousand words.


Too bad she’s right.

Guys! Guys! Fellas…can’t we have more of this?

Brocking to the beat of his own drum.

I think he meant, step back from the ledge.

Thanks coach. Anything else we should know?

“When the wind blows, the Jackets will flop.”

Hole in one!

You can’t beat the classics.

On point.

#MikeZaun, get it?

The word lucky and this team don’t really go together don’t you think?

The shot heard around Isles Twitter.

Survey says: X. X. X.



Strait truth.

Never knew of it’s existence.

The greatest night of some people’s lives.

I think he meant to say, “Don’t be such a Clutts”

In the middle of the night, I’ve been brocking in my sleep…

Classic Staple.

Good night.

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