There Can’t Be A Moulson Reunion

Today the Buffalo Sabres placed former Islander Matt Moulson on waivers in hopes of reassignment.  Before any questions are asked, it does not make sense for the Islanders to claim Matt Moulson on waivers from the Buffalo Sabres.  While it would be a great story to bring back a fan favorite in todays salary cap era it would be a disaster for the Islanders.  He is no longer the same player that played for the Islanders.  Before the 2014-15 season, Moulson inked a four year, 20-million-dollar deal.  In the three plus seasons since he has accumulated just 94 points in 253 games.  A five-million-dollar player needs to average more than .37 points a game or be a goalie.

There is part of every fan that believes that a reunion would help Moulson get back on track and there is a very good chance getting back to something familiar may do the trick.  Most of the forwards have turned over since he left, and he won’t get to play with either John Tavares or Josh Bailey.  He is scorer who can no longer score.  The cap hit alone for the next year and a half are enough for the Islanders to stay away.

If this is the end for Matt Moulson, it will be sad to see.  This player was a bright spot for a team that didn’t have many of them.  I was lucky enough to witness two of his most important moments in person.  The first being his four-goal game in Dallas.  It was a cool moment seeing a guy score four in a game and being one of the few celebrating the achievement.  Ironically enough, the other moment came as a visiting player scoring goals as well, and that was his return to the Nassau Coliseum.  At the end of a horrendous season (where somehow everyone kept their jobs), Matt Moulson and the Minnesota Wild came in and Moulson scored 2 goals.  It was such a surreal moment because the crowd was honestly rooting for him to get the hat trick as a middle finger to the front office.

Hopefully Moulson finds what ever he needs in Rochester or what ever team claims him.  That team can’t be the Islanders, this can’t be a happy ending no matter how much we hope it to be.

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