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Thinking Out Loud: Boychuk’s Comments On His Shiny New Contract

Following yesterday’s big news, Isles TV, and less importantly Greg Picker, caught up with Johnny Boychuk to hear his thoughts on the new deal worth $42Mil over the next 7 years.

A few comments made by the Isles newest defenseman stuck out to me, firstly; “Just being how good we are. We’re hard working, we’re fast, and we’re gunna be a good team for a long time. It’s gunna be the best chance to win a Stanley Cup.” Simple and clear, it was the deciding factor in his decision; the Islanders are a young, well put together club and Johnny-Boy knows it.

Best chance to win a Stanley Cup? I guess Haggs was only half-wrong…

My sense of situation w/Johnny Boychuk & Isles is that there’s very little chance he will re-sign there after this season. He wants Cups

— Joe Haggerty (@HackswithHaggs) October 4, 2014

Do they need a few other pieces before they can hit all cylinders? Of course, every team is rough around the edges, but in the 5 months Boychuk has been an Islander, he has seen what they are now, and just what they have the potential to be later on. Something much of the NHL is beginning to realize as well.

“Well [Nick and I] were talking back and forth through the year… it made it a lot easier to sign when you have chemistry like that with your defense partner.”

Credit to Garth Snow. After trying this move countless times on players like Vanek and Boyle, and having it blow up in his face, he goes out and pull it twice more on two big names.

Leddy and partner Johnny Boychuk talk it out amongst themselves all year and agree they have a good thing going, and when it’s #2’s time to talk a deal Garth pulls his weight and gives the 23 year old a home for the longggg long term.

Now it’s JB’s time to sit down and talk contracts; all Garth has to do is waive the Leddy deal in the air, and watch him sign as the Islanders now have their top pair for 7 more years [read: 3 years, because Boychuk is well, older…]

I’ll finish with the 9 words that sum Johnny Boychuk up perfectly.

“Well I still haven’t seen any of the shores.”

Well if it isn’t all work and no play for #55.

5 months on an Island and he still hasn’t hit Freeport, or Babylon, Montauk, or Gilgo, or the Hamptons??? [Notice I left out the North Shore, because well, those “shores” don’t count]

Too busy focusing on winning games and signing deals to be relaxing I guess. Well now you have your home, and though Brooklyn may not have the best beaches, Long Island always will [insert: sad face]

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