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Videos: Top 10 Goals of the 2016-17 Season

I wish there was something better to write about than highlights of a season that won’t include a berth in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but it is what it is. Before Sunday’s season finale versus the Ottawa Senators, Shannon Hogan and MSG unveiled their list of the Top 10 goals of the Islanders 2016-17 season.

Looking back is a little bitter sweet.

Even a season as befuddling and frustrating as this one had its share of memorable moments. It’s what keeps us wearing the orange and blue and looking forward to going back to the rink next October.

Here are the Top 10 Goals of 2016-17 #LGI

#10: Super Ho-Sang

#9: Bailey’s blind backhanded pass

#8: Who says you can’t go home? 

#7: No Stick, Cal kicks 

#6: Josh Bailey did what?!?!

#5: Ho-Sizzle drops it like it’s hot

#4: Brock and Roll in OT

#3: Tavares with a shorty!

#2: Anders Lee lives in and loves the “Dirty Areas”

#1: We’re Not Worthy

Here’s to a Top 10 goals list of the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs next season.

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