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Earlier today, Brian Erni of Islanders Point Blank was fielding a Q&A about all topics regarding the Islanders, WWE, and whatever else came to mind. One of the questions asked to him is who would be the so called “babyface” and “heel” who dawn the Islander sweater. For those who don’t know the terms babyface and heel are used as kay-fabe for wrestlers who are supposed to be the good guys and the bad guys. The discussion began to pick up steam as to which players new and not new could be seen as those who would best represent being a babyface or heel. The Islander roster has so many personalities which made deciding who would be what tougher than usual. Here’s who we came up with.

Will start with the heels. Now heels are supposed to be the most hated guy by the fans, but the opposite can happen where they become extremely hard not to root for. Now that Matt Martin is gone to Toronto, Cal Clutterbuck would be the best heel if he were in the WWE. Clutterbuck has the look with the impersonating goatee to go along with the jerky smirk that would drive people insane. On the ice, he’s a smack talker and hits everything in sight. If he were in the squared circle, fans would despise him because he would get under everyone skin as well as torture the babyfaces by attacking them out of nowhere.

Behind Clutterbuck, Anders Lee would be an excellent bad guy. It all starts with the whole him going to Notre Dame aspect. He would use that as a calling card to get under the fans nerves from the fact that most of the country outside a small margin dislike the university very much. Lee can easily pull off arrogance and his facial expressions would just make fans and other competitors alike want to slap him. Lee’s strength and size are another way he would thrive as a heel. He would throw his opponents around the ring showboat while dismantling them little by little.

Josh Bailey would make such a phenomenal heel off the basis that everyone just doesn’t like him. He’s the ultimate nice guy, and tries time and time again to do the right thing, but people still show him no respect and don’t give him the credit he actually deserves. Bailey is so good at annoying the fans that if he insulted the crowd, he would bask in that position. Knowing that he’s been doing the profession for so long and still around no matter how many people want him gone, Bailey would gloat to everyone and drive the fans insane.

I’m not saying he would be an all-time heel, but Jaroslav Halak would make an exceptional villain. He would garner so much “cheap heat” just from the standpoint that he’s European and can only speak little English. His look, especially his eyes, would scare the hell out of fans or weird them out for that matter. Playing second-fiddle to others his whole career is something Halak would address time and time again until fans can’t take it anymore.

Moving on to who on the team would be a face, John Tavares is where we begin.

Tavares is the franchise and would bring it night in and night out, while never complaining once. His quiet but intense personality would resonate with the fans and his overall skill set would have fans on their feet every time he gets in the ring. Tavares’ promos would be some of the best because he doesn’t need to say much to get his point across with his opponents or the fans. He would be a leader backstage as well as a mentor for all the younger talent on the roster. JT would let his work do the talking for him earning him respect from everyone that pays to see him.

If Tavares wasn’t the face if in WWE, Casey Cizikas would be a willing candidate. Cizikas smile and hard-working nature is infectious and would drive fans into a frenzy. His non-stop motor would make him very exciting to watch in the ring almost from a cruiserweight standpoint. Cizikas has the underdog feel to him and fans would recognize that immediately. He’s worked his way up to become the guy everyone loves today. Also, his theme music would be one of the best in the business.

One surprise face would be Ryan Pulock. Pulock has an imposing size and one secret weapon that fans would enjoy seeing whenever the opportunity arrived. His seriousness is a quality opponents will have to take note off, and something fans would want from a fresh new talent. Him still having a lot to prove would make fans get behind him and root until he reaches his full potential.

So those are who would be the faces and heels if the Islanders were in the WWE. Who are yours?



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